Angelina Jolie has some serious issues

Once upon a time lived a beautiful princess, she got the whole world in her hands as all were praising her unique beauty that looked to be out of this world. She was synonym for everything beautiful and sexy, and was really on top of the world. But this beautiful princess forgot about one thing - beauty lasts forever only in memories, and living only in memories is hard thing to do.

This is sort of the story that could characterize what Angelina Jolie has done so far, and what she is feeling right now. Once the world's ultimate sex symbol, and hottest being in universe is now only a shadow of the girl she once was, and the main factor in this whole story is time. You can expect to be the most beautiful all the time, time doesn't spare no one, not even the great Angelina Jolie.

Angelina Jolie is recently acting like she has some serious issues

You can read lately how Angie and Brad are having more and more problems, and most of these problems are down to Angelina's jealousy and her obsession to always be NO.1 one to all people close to her. Now he's even jealous that Brad said how he finds Natalie Portman extremely beautiful and also very smart. Natalie Portman is really extremely beautiful, and the only reason why Angie hated this statement is so much is because she must feel frightened that Brad will turn to more younger, and more beautiful specimen. Wait a second Angelina, what have you done to Jennifer Aniston? History ringing a bell there?

And her adopting of so many children is also becoming soooo boring, it is something like the old cliche that she needs to do every once in a while so media won't forget about her. Come on Angie grow up, gain some weight, and accept the fact that you're no longer the most beautiful girl on planet, and that world is starting to be annoyed by your recent behavior. At least to me it looks like Angelina Jolie has some serious issues. It is time to take a good long look at the mirror and accept certain things, and then move on. Move on Angie, the time has come to wake up because nobody can live in the past all the time. Not even the great Angelina Jolie.

By J.C. Whitaker

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