Gia Angelina - Definitely the best of Angie

Gia Angelina is the best Angelina of all time. This was 10 years ago when Angelina Jolie was at her very best (she wasn't that skinny), and was just before her launch to stardom. In this movie where she had (really) perfectly played Gia Carangi, a top fashion model from the late 1970s, she has really showed all of her potential, not only her immense beauty, but also her wonderful acting talent. Gia Angelina was something like Angelina Jolie's reincarnation to completely new level and many of her fans still like to remember Angelina as Gia Carangi. I'm definitely one of them and for me the Gia Angelina role is by far her best role. Gia Angelina is also special since this was the first movie that showed true beauty of Angelina Jolie, not only her hot sexy look, but also her presentation of beauty. So beyond any further (unnecessary) words here are some of the best Gia Angelina pictures.

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