Candice Michelle - Hot Beauty

Candice Michelle is a model and professional wrestler. She was one of hot Diva in World Wrestling Federation. She is one of diva i always wanted to see on television. And after seeing the photos you will also feel the same. I know you will even keep some of this photos as wall paper. In my earlier posting you saw some videos about her. Now time to have look at her hot pictures

What do you have to say now. I know you are already thinking of keeping her on your wallpaper. Do comment on this pictures.


Torrie Wilson - Really With Very Very Big

Torrie Wilson, whenever i hear this name only one thing come to my mind HOT WWE DIVA of all time. All of you might be thinking what do i mean by saying in title really with very very big ?? You really want to know just have a look on the pics below you will know what i meant !!!!!!!!!

So where are you all looking at. i am sure now you know what is meant by Really Very Very BiG. Do comment your feedback.


Melissa Baker - One More Famous Hot Star

Melissa Baker, born on October 6th 1987, in Ohio is one more Hot Star who is loved by all of us. Baker is known for being curvaceous. if you dont beleive me that she is CURVACEOUS just have a look to this photographs of her. you yourself will agree with me.

I know you all want more, but if we get everything so easily whats the enjoyment. I know now you all agree with me that she is CURVACEOUS. Do comment so i can bring such more photos for you all.


Francoise Boufhal - Big guns are always advantage

You just can't ignore big guns, no matter how hard you try because sooner or later you'll gonna see that this is the real piece of artillery, rarely seen on fashion shows. And when proud owner looks as hot as Francoise Boufhal does then you know that there can be only one outcome, namely a real sight for sore eyes. And there were some that say how Francoise doesn't stand the chance as the model, heck how come they do not realize that from time to time we want to see girl that has some meat to show compared to those skinny models that look like they have just escaped from the concentration camp somewhere in Ethiopia. Girls like Francoise Boufhal are real refreshment and hats down to Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand for helping this beauty to be widely recognized across the globe. Take a look at what I'm talking about.

What can I say? Her two advantages are so easily noticeable.


Megan Fox equals to total hotness

I didn't want to start writing about Megan Fox because some people were complaining I always write about her but after seeing these two images below I was simply stunned, and I had to mention her hotness once again. Why because this is brand new level of hotness, something even Angelina Jolie wasn't able to achieve in her prime, this is hotness a la big volcano blast, and there is simply no girl in this world that can currently get close to this standard of hotness that Megan Fox set with Transformers.

These two pictures, together with some fantasy of yours can sure make ensure couple of hot minutes, and who knows perhaps even couple of wild dreams.