Francoise Boufhal - Big guns are always advantage

You just can't ignore big guns, no matter how hard you try because sooner or later you'll gonna see that this is the real piece of artillery, rarely seen on fashion shows. And when proud owner looks as hot as Francoise Boufhal does then you know that there can be only one outcome, namely a real sight for sore eyes. And there were some that say how Francoise doesn't stand the chance as the model, heck how come they do not realize that from time to time we want to see girl that has some meat to show compared to those skinny models that look like they have just escaped from the concentration camp somewhere in Ethiopia. Girls like Francoise Boufhal are real refreshment and hats down to Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand for helping this beauty to be widely recognized across the globe. Take a look at what I'm talking about.

What can I say? Her two advantages are so easily noticeable.

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