Beautiful female celebrities above 40 - Top 10 list

Here's my selection of top ten celebrity babes that have passed the 40 mark.

Number ten goes to girl we all dreamed of in 90s, the one and only Sharon Stone. This all time babe still has more than enough to sharpen our basic instincts as much as possible despite passing 50 mark. Woman that looks so hot in her 50s definitely has to be appreciated.

At number nine is dynamic hottie from down under Kylie Minogue. Kylie Minogue seems to be looking even hotter now than 20 years ago when she started her music career. Kylie is not only a music icon but also a beauty icon with one of the most irresistible smiles on planet.

Number eight belongs to former cutie turned into a real femme fatale Marisa Tomei. If you had the pleasure to see her in Wrestler then you know what I'm talking about. If no make sure to check it out because you'll see brand new Marisa Tomei edition, hotter than ever before.

Lucky number seven belongs to amazingly beautiful latina girl Salma Hayek. Salma Hayek is maybe in her 40s but she still takes your breath away with such an ease. And she has that certain something that gives her that extra touch of hotness. Check out the video to find out what this secret ingredient is.

At number six is Demi Moore. Former Mrs. Willis is one hell of a beauty, after all she managed to seduce young hunk like Ashton Kutcher, and that's not exactly easy to do when in mid 40s. But her super stunning body looks even better than 20 years ago, and Demi definitely remains force to be reckoned with.

Number five belongs to gorgeous Chinese actress Gong Li. If you're looking for a perfect combination of exotics and divine beauty then look no loner because Gong Li is sure to blow your mind. Really an incredible beauty.

At number four is eternally beautiful Andie MacDowell. Andie has already entered the 50s but she still has that amazing aura of beauty circling around her. Her smile still looks irresistible and her warm eyes are still able to melt away the Arctic ice even faster than the global warming. Truly a beauty.

At number three is another Asian beauty wonder, gorgeous looking Michelle Yeoh. Michelle looks really amazing and I especially love her serious looks that kind a gives her dangerous look. And you know what they say about bad girls, don't you?

It was really tough choice deciding the fight for first two places, and I know some of you may not agree with my choice but I've decided to give Halle Berry a runner up position. We are talking probably about the hottest body in Hollywood, and Halle is really what sheer hotness is all about.

As I said before it was really tough decision deciding the top spot but in the end my vote went to the symbol of pure natural beauty in form of incredibly beautiful Italian actress Monica Bellucci. Monica has this incredible beauty, touch of exotics, warm sexy eyes, the hottest lips on planet, in other words she's the real deal, something what perfection is all about.

Here it is my list of top ten beautiful female celebrities above 40. What do you think about it? Any suggestions?

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