Moon Bloodgood - Hot enough to melt Terminator

Moon Bloodgood is so hot she could even melt the terminator, turning it into a piece of hot liquid. This girl makes the difference between the hotness and the sheer hotness, and she's definitely one of the reasons why Terminator Salvation proved out to be success. After all combination of killing machine, and girl that looks like coming straight from your fantasies can't really backfire.

When you look at this gorgeous beauty you know she's got that special something, and though you don't know what exactly this is you definitely know you want more of this. So just in case here are couple of really nice looking photos for you to enjoy. And if you want more than this you will have to compete with the terminator for the grand prize. Heck, don't know about you but I would compete against anyone for such a prize.

Come on terminator, let's bring it on!

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