Blake Lively - Wouldn't mind being lively with Blake

Now with Blake Lively I would probably be the lively as I could be considering her amazing look. This young girl certainly has enough to succeed in Hollywood, mainly the natural beauty and adorable smile. The one thing she perhaps needs is perhaps some scandal since lately "troubled" girls are getting much more attention than the goodies. But hey she's only 21 and there is lot of time for her to "get in the trouble". And now let us start with one very nice Blake Lively video.

Yes, Blake is indeed very beautiful girl. And here are couple of hot photos as a evidence.

Oh yes and one thing that I forgot to mention is Blake's incredible confidence. In audition for The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (2005), movie that made her famous, Blake nabbed the role by walking into the audition, handing producers her picture and then walking away. And of course they gave her the role. Who wouldn't?

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