Megan Fox - Time to forget Angelina Jolie?

She's young, she's sexy, and she looks amazing. And yes she's also the sexiest woman of the year. It is really a good thing being Megan Fox these days. This young actress could easily become the next pretender for the title of world's ultimate sex symbol, title that was held for so many years by the goddess itself – Angelina Jolie.

And while Angelina Jolie slowly fades away in our mind and our fantasies, Megan Fox is moving full speed ahead. Megan Fox also took that effective formula from Angie. You know of what formula I’m talking about? Sex formula, of course. While Angie was in her prime oriented on blood, knives and all sorts of other kinky sexy games, Megan Fox is more into a nympho image, confessing that she very much enjoys sex, and how she loves to do it more often.

And Megan Fox has spoken, and those were definitely the right words, since ultimate hottie-insatiable sex appetite combination always works perfectly in show business. And we (the audience) definitely needed someone to replace Angie. Yes, Angelina Jolie will be always in our hearts, and she will be remembered as one of the most desired sex symbols in the movie industry, but the time has simply surpassed her and public wants younger blood.

At first it looked like Jessica Alba could make it all the way, but she still lacks some major blockbuster that would transform her into next sex ixon. To be honest Megan Fox reached that final step when she "transformed" us into her worshipers by starring in major blockbuster "Transformers". But that final step only got her there; she still has to do many other big steps to stay there, as we all know she has some pretty tough competition.

To become immortal like Angelina Jolie, Megan Fox still needs more Charisma, and more controversy to her name, not to mention some sexy roles like it was Lara Croft for Angelina, that would cement her eternal place among the geek population which dominates the web. So far, she’s doing all the right moves, and since she’s only 21, she has even enough time to even afford some mistakes along the way.

Perfect thing for her right now would be more leading roles in upcoming blockbusters, but these roles must be packed with tense and hot scenes, or even better one ultimate hot scene like “crossing the legs scene” with Sharon Stone. This ultimate scene has to be original never seen before scene, possibly very controversial, something that will show all her sex appeal bursting in one single scene . If Megan Fox accomplishes this, then there’s simply no stopping her, and she will become big as Angie, perhaps even bigger

Of course, some partner like Brad Pitt, could come handy, and her current partner Brian Austin Green (sorry B.) doesn’t look to be enough. For instance imagine how would sound this news for her image: "Brad Pitt dumped Angelina because of Megan Fox". Now I don’t imply that she has to try the catch the supreme target like Brad Pitt, but Megan definitely has to expand her hunting horizons and catch a really big prey.

Meganomania has already started, but Megan still has lot of work before she can be compared with the icon like Angelina Jolie. Upcoming years will give us answer to this question. So far Megan Fox is on the right track. But will she stay there? Only the time will tell whether or not this is the beginning of Meganomania.

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