Celebrities need to hide their cellulite?

Do female celebrities really need to show their cellulite, do they have to be photoshopped in every appearance, or can they also show signs that they area also mortals just like we are, having same problems like we have. Kim Kardashian, the girl with curves has admitted: "So what: I have a little cellulite. Is cellulite really such a big deal after all, do celebrity girls always have to look like fantasy girls, perfect divine creatures without any visible flaw?

It is really difficult to tell, from one side these girls are subject of affection from their fans, and from other they are not more more than we are, so how to find balance between these two? It is perhaps not sexy to show cellulite if you're a hot shot celebrity but it is also not something you should be ashamed of. Just because some girl is on cover of some magazine doesn't mean she's perfect, perfection in reality doesn't exists, we can get close to perfection but reaching it is really impossible. The most important thing in whole story is that person is not ashamed of her body curves, and if Kim is not ashamed then why should we make such a fuss about it. Just because we found out that somebody's not perfect?

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