Who is the queen of hotness?

With so many beautiful famous girls it was very difficult task for me choosing top five famous celebrity babes fighting our for the queen of the hotness title. Some people have of course different favorites but my final list includes these five girls: Angelina Jolie, Megan Fox, Jessica Alba, Adriana Lima, and Nicole Scherzinger. Let me say few words about each of these girls.

-Angelina Jolie-

When even your last name means beautiful on French then you can tell with certainty how Gods were very kind to Angie by giving her godlike beauty. Though her acting talent is huge it still comes second best, right after her amazing beauty. After all any man she desires has no chance of escaping the hottest Hollywood lips. If you do not trust me, ask Brad Pitt.

Just imagine how this strawberry feels

-Megan Fox-

Megan Fox, many people think oh her as the new Angelina Jolie which really should be more than enough to include her on my top five list. This girl has face that looks so full of desire that when you look at her you have the feeling she's got all hotness of the world. A couple of roles like the one in Transformers, and she really could become one of the eternal symbols of hotness in Hollywood.

Like in the best possible fantasy

-Jessica Alba-

Many people out there think that beauties like Jessica Alba are not born every day. This is so true. This is the girl that combines perfect beauty with this innocent cutie next door look. Really winning combination. And yes there is this amazing smile that simply takes your breath away. Really beauty at its best.

Look at this wonderful smile...

-Adriana Lima-

Adriana Lima is very likely the most beautiful model of all time. In the long history of modelling business there hasn't been not one single girl that could combine exotics and beauty at the same magnitude Adriana Lima does it over and over again. Of all gorgeous Brazilian babes Adriana Lima has special place with her divine beauty.

Simply irresistible touch of exotics

-Nicole Scherzinger-

Last but not least on my top five list is Nicole Scherzinger, the hottest girl in music industry. After all don't we all wish our girlfriends were hot like her? Every time she's one stage you can feel the hotness bursting out of every move she makes. This is the doll all boys would like to play with.

Such a look of desire in her eyes...

What do you think? Who's your choice for queen of hotness? Make sure to vote for your favorite.

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